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Our Expertise

Traydo is led and managed by people who have decades of
experience in the international shipping business.  Technology is our most notable differentiator but we value human relationships over anything else.
Decades of shipping expertise supported by our engineering teams delivering you a delighful shipping experience.
Our Technology
Our technology platform enables you and your entire
team to collaborate seamlessly with all the moving parts
in your supply chain.
Using machine learning and proprietary algorithms to help you make smarter supply chain decisions.
Our Values
These values are the foundation on which we operate, inspring us to build trust and respect by delivering high value to all our stakeholders.
The lighthouse that guides us.
Everyone at Traydo is passionate about making shipping simple. It is the reason that we all turn up for work every day.
Our Team
Abhimanyu Sharma,

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Harnessing the power of Technology, Analytics and  decades of Shipping Experience, we are creating future ready solutions for global freight management.
Simplifying Freight Management
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Mutual Respect

International ocean freight forwarding and associated services are provided by Traydo Logistics Pvt Ltd , a licensed multimodal transport operator. All transactions are subject to Traydo's standard trading conditions, available at
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