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One Solution for all your Shipping needs
We combine technology with shipping expertise to enhance planning, forecasting, and tracking. Thus effectively fulfilling on-time delivery and enabling enhanced end-to-end shipping experience.
Why Traydo over traditional Freight Forwarders & Freight Marketplace platform
Traditional Freight Forwarders
Freight Marketplace Platforms

All quotes customized to your needs, all rates automatically updated every month. A planning tool helps you to sync your shipment & production schdule seamlessly.

You have to enquire freight and space for every shipment, wasting hundreds of man hours each month leading to headache & frustration around your team.

You get comparable rates on various carriers which are not aligned with your needs. You are compelled to work with service providers who have no relationship with you.

Ease of Doing Business

No more calls and follow-ups required! Plan, Book, Monitor and Analyze your frieght with click of a button.

Multiple follow-ups and calls are required to facilitate a transaction.

Don't take responsibility for fullfillment, you have to continue same tedious follow-up with service providers for any information.


Traydo provides in-depth analytics to plan, monitor each and every function on SKU-level improving overall efficiency.

Low visibility and unorganized operations. It takes a lot of effort to assess the freight performance.

Only Freight costs can be tracked. No tools or data to monitor other important supply chain parameters.


Smooth price discovery through tech platform. No hidden costs, discover total cost of shipping before you book. Get custom quotes, tailored to your needs.

Very cumbersome and time consuming process for price discovery. Lot of hidden costs, you never know your total cost of shipment.

Focuses only on freight rates, hidden costs remain. You never know the total cost of shipment.

Let’s make shipping a seamless process for you.
Start your journey with us for a better shipping experience.
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Make your logistics Simple, Efficient and Profitable using modern age Freight Management Solutions.
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